Telephone payments & Customer Service

Customers are encouraged to conserve fuel and help keep Cedar Hill clean by making utility bill payments using a method not requiring a vehicle trip. Note: If your service has been disconnected or if you have received notification that your service is to be disconnected, you MUST call 469-272-2931 after your payment has been made to restore service or ensure uninterrupted service.

Virtually all utility related business can be handled remotely including start/stop service, online bill payments, and account or service related questions online, through email or by phone at 469-272-2931. The main menu has four (4) options:

 PRESS 1 - To continue in Spanish

 PRESS 2 - To make a payment

 PRESS 3 - To be connected to Waste Management, the city's exclusive trash provider

 PRESS 4 - To speak to a customer service representative regarding the options below:

                For an additional cart or cart repairs

                For utility account inquiries

Customers experiencing any difficulty with the phone system (including wait times in excess of 5 minutes) should report their difficulty with date and time they called into Utility Services.