Backflow Tester Registration & Report Filing

The City of Cedar Hill partnered with BSI Online to manage and track our backflow prevention program. BSI Brochure (PDF)
  1. REGISTER (PDF): All licensed backflow testers are required to register (PDF) with the City of Cedar Hill in order to test backflow assemblies within the City. Please come to Development Services (285 Uptown Boulevard 2nd Floor) to register or renew your registration. The annual registration fee is $20. Submit the registration form and all required documents to
  2. LOGIN TO BSI ONLINE: Complete all test reports through BSI Online. The cost per test report is $30. To contact BSI Online directly, call 800-414-4990.
  3. VERIFY & ADD NEW ASSEMBLIES: Any new backflow prevention assemblies (not replacements) installed or tested need to have their locations verified by the City of Cedar Hill and tested by a licensed and registered backflow assembly tester. New installations may require a Plumbing Permit with the Building Inspections Department located at Development Services (285 Uptown Boulevard 2nd Floor). The backflow tester who performed the test will register the new backflow prevention assemblies into BSI Online

List of Registered Backflow Testers

A current list of registered backflow testers can be found through BSI Online. You will need your CCN number which can be found on your notice to test. If you DO NOT have a CCN, use 6Z87-H3ZN for temporary access. For questions, contact the Public Works Department at 972-291-5126, extension 2853, or via email.

Backflow New Installations

  1. APPLY FOR A PLUMBING PERMIT: Use the Energov Customer Self Service to apply for a permit.
  2. KNOW WHICH DEVICE TO INSTALL: The two most common assemblies are the double check valve assembly (DC) and the reduced pressure zone assembly (RPZ). Installation must be completed by a registered and certified plumber.
  3. INSTALL AND TEST: All backflow tests are completed through BSI Online. See the above list for registration and testing instructions.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water or mixtures of water and other undesirable substances from any non-potable water source into the distribution pipes of the potable or drinking water system. Backflow occurs as a result of a "cross-connection" within the water system. A cross-connection exists when there is an actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any non-potable source or system. When a cross-connection exists and backflow occurs, the water system can become contaminated and potentially very harmful.

For this reason, the City of Cedar Hill requires that all backflow devices be registered with the Public Works Department and that the devices be installed and tested annually by registered, State licensed backflow testers.