Public Hearings

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

At the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, the Chairperson will open the public hearing and will ask the applicant to present their request. After the applicant has presented the request, the Chairperson will ask to hear from anyone present in the audience that may wish to express their opinion regarding the request.

After hearing from those present, the Chairman may give the applicant time to respond to questions before closing the public hearing and opening the item up for discussion among the Commission.

After discussion, the Commission will consider the application, the City's Master Plan, along with the public comment and render a recommendation to the City Council.

Should the Planning and Zoning Commission recommend denial of the zoning change request, that action will be considered final unless a written appeal is filed with the Planning Department within 10 days of the Commission's action.

Should the Commission recommend approval or if denied and appealed, the City Council will conduct a public hearing on the matter at a subsequent meeting, typically 15 days later.

Majority Vote

Once a requested change in the zoning district boundaries is referred to the City Council, the Council, may, after conducting a public hearing, approve the request by a simple majority vote.

However, should a written protest or petition be filed against a proposed change that is signed by 20% or more of the property owners of either the land area within the request or within 200 feet of the request, then requested change can not be approved by City Council except by a favorable vote of at least 3/4 of all council members.

Approval or Rejection

Should the Council reject the proposed change, the current zoning ordinance stands and there is no further action to be taken.

Should the Council approve the proposed change, an ordinance will be drawn up and placed on a subsequent City Council agenda for final action.

Zoning change requests appear on the Planning and Zoning Commission's agenda are recorded on the info-line by the Friday afternoon before scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.