Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division has the primary responsibility to investigate criminal offenses, apprehend offenders, recover stolen property, and seek prosecution. The division is commanded by Lieutenant Aaron Leutwyler, and is divided into three sections representing persons crimes, property crimes, and special investigations. Activities designed to fulfill the division's responsibility include:

  • Obtaining offense reports and conducting investigations
  • Seizing and recording evidence at crime scenes or articles submitted as evidence by patrol officers
  • Comparing evidence to records maintained nationwide
  • Conducting operations designed to apprehend offenders engaged in repeated and patterned offenses
  • Investigating the use or sale of illegal drugs
  • Reviewing all arrest reports made by patrol officers to prepare for prosecution
  1. A. Leutwyler

    Lieutenant - Criminal Investigations
    Phone: 972-291-5181 ext. 2015

  2. J.R. Podany

    Sergeant - Criminal Investigations
    Phone: 972-291-5181 ext. 2110

  3. B. Woodall

    Corporal - Criminal Investigations
    Phone: 972-291-5181 ext. 2169

  4. P. Lyon

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 972-291-5181 ext. 2164