Type Fee
Fire protection equipment and installation permit 1.5% cost of equipment and installation costs
Special locking systems permit $75.00
Trench burning permit (when allowed) $300.00
Carnival fire protection systems permit $250.00
Hot Works/ Cutting and welding permit $75.00
High pile storage permit $75.00
Fireworks Permit (does not include personnel or apparatus $400.00
Pyrotechnics (other) Permit (does not include personnel or apparatus $200.00
Hazardous Materials Permit $200.00
Spray Booth Installation Permit $75.00
Tent Permit $50.00
Propane Tank Installation Permit (as per NFPA 58 guidelines)  $75.00
Open Flame Cooking Permit $50.00
Underground Storage Tank Installation/Removal Permit (per tank) $100.00
Food Truck Inspection Permit $75.00
Fire Inspection Before/After Hours Testing $75.00

The minimum number of personnel shall be set by the fire chief or fire marshal. Standby equipment for fireworks and other pyrotechnics displays and special events: Based on the most current edition of FEMA' s Schedule of Equipment Rates.

ORDINANCE NO. 2019-664