Planning Department

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The mission of the Planning Department is to facilitate the physical growth and development of the City in a sustainable manner that reflects its unique and vibrant character. To accomplish this, we manage long-range plans that reflects the needs and desires of the community, develop ordinances and policies that effectively implement these plans, and thoroughly process and review land development proposals and applications. We work closely with land developers and builders to ensure compliance with all City codes, ordinances, and policies. In doing so, we help to establish safe and attractive residential neighborhoods and businesses.

  1. Articles of Interest
  1. New Grocery Chain on the Block Offers an Alternative to the Walmarts of the World

    If you haven't heard of Aldi yet, you probably will soon.

  2. Closing Liquor Stores, Hoping to Gain Public Health

    A new zoning code in Baltimore will reduce the number of liquor stores in the city in hopes of reducing the violent crime rate. Will there be unintended consequences?

  3. NACTO Guide Aids Bike Safety in the Intersection

    Despite massive progress in building out new protected bike lanes, many communities are still coming up short with safety improvements at intersections, the location of most vehicle-bike conflicts.

  4. 2019 ParkScore Rankings Now Available

    The trust for Public Land today announced the 2019 ParkScore rankings.