New Years Eve

New Year 2020

The only holiday that is observed all around the world is New Year's Day. People feel the need of a new beginning, once a year, regardless of different religious beliefs or racial traditions. It may be the oldest day of special meaning, too, because it stands for a promise of new life.


Traditionally, the change from an "old" year to a "new" year has been the time for "making a fresh start," and for making New Year's resolutions.In the first quarter of this century, many people exchanged New Year's Day visits. It was a time for "open house," with refreshments ready for serving. Nowadays, popular emphasis is placed, more and more, on late-hour New Year's Eve merrymaking.

Please follow these guides, to ensure everyone has a happy and safe start to their new year.

Image with the text, "don't drink and drive."
Baby New Year being greeted by the old year.
Image with the text, "buzzed driving is drunk driving."