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Tri-City Animal Shelter is proud to partner with Alan E. Sims Recreation Center to help families get healthier together and with their pets.
It's time to Choose Healthy Cedar Hill! Join our effort in getting our community healthier one family at a time.  Choose Healthy Cedar Hill (CHCH), is a Mayor's Health & Wellness Initiative presented by the City of Cedar Hill and partners hand selected for their dedication to creating wellness opportunities within our community. Join us for regular events & programs to help you and your family create a healthier lifestyle. To learn more and take the pledge to be a healthier you in 2016, click here.

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Ways To Get Healthy With Your Pet



Don’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! Go to, download the app, and support your local animal shelter every time you walk your dog.


Dog yoga
Doga-Doggy Yoga

Whether you enjoy the benefits of daily stretching to keep yourself limber, free from injury, or to relax, or you enjoy yoga and meditation to help ground, center yourself, and find peace, this is an excellent activity you can do with your dog.  Stretching or doing yoga is a good way to bond with your pooch. Plus, your pup will also benefit from the calming and soothing moments you share together. You can attend a yoga class, buy a doga book, or just do your regular stretching exercises together!

Cardiovascular, strength, weight loss, reduction in diabetes, the benefits are endless. They are also good for mental wellness by helping to increase self esteem, ward off depression, and strengthen your relationship with the great outdoors. Your pooch can also benefit greatly getting daily exercise, quality stimulation, training, and it helps plus it helps strengthen your bond. There is lots of gear, such as hands-free leashes and reflective gear to help make exercise safer and more enjoyable. Just remember to start slowly, be safe, and that not all dogs make good runners... and that's a-okay!
dog running
dog agility
Obedience and Agility Classes

Not only is this a good way to keep your pet engaged, stimulated, happy, and trained, it's GREAT exercise for both of you! You'll log a lot of steps on your pedometer doing obedience club style training, walking various patterns and formations. For those ready to pick up the speed, agility training is also a good option as you'll be running and bouncing along with your pet as you both run the agility course together. If you both really just love it, you can even go on to compete locally!

Biking is full of wonderful cardiovascular and stress-relieving benefits and is also less stressful on your joints!  It's also a great way to exercise larger and more energetic dogs, or those busy working breeds! With hands-free dog attachments for the bike and reflective gear for both parent and pooch, this can be a safe and fun way to exercise. As always, safety 1st, make sure your bike is a proper fit so you have good form, and take it slowly. Not all parents or pooches will be Le Tour de France material.
dog biking

-Dog Training Club of Dallas County-Dog Obedience Classes, Conformation Classes, Nosework, Competitive Obedience Trials

-DAWG-Dallas Agility Working Group

-Dallas Dog Sports- Specializing in agility training... where you and your dog can start and adventure that may last a lifetime.

Dog Quest-Training, Sports & More-Barn Hunt, Agilitiy, Rally Obedience, etc.

PetSmart-dog obedience training